In sales order, we can give discount on per line basis. 2018!
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    XML file: 12/6/2014 OpenERP - How to create Report Full Tutorial ml 18/28?xml version"1.0" encoding"ISO-8859-1"? minute: date., company: email: company. Order this; var line new module. Pos_cashier access rights

    VII-C-2. Eg: Html Reports Using Mako Templates Mako Template Syntax Expression Substitution 12/6/2014 OpenERP - How to create Report Full Tutorial ml 26/28 this is x: x Above, the string representation of x is applied to the template's output strea m where x comes from the. To edit them for a specific company, go to: Administration - Users - Company's structure - Companies. An error message is displayed and the Pay button is inactive You also see that once the list of the cashiers is built, it stores the name of the first cashier in the globalCashier global variable then we call cashier_change function, passing it the name. As you will see later, we import the close button of Point Of Sale, this instance is required. td td t"1" Name /td /tr xsl:apply-templates select"id /blockTable /story /document 12/6/2014 OpenERP - How to create Report Full Tutorial ml 13/28 /xsl:template xsl:template match"id" tr td xsl:value-of select"ref /td /tr /xsl:template /xsl:stylesheet Resulting RML file (generated)?xml version"1.0"? Let's suppose that we want to create a report for transfers and in this report, we want to use the name of the recipient partner. Qty, list, 0 ) : Total qty of list (try "objects" as list) me : user name setLang(ng) : Localized printings rftime d/m/Y : Show the time in formatdd/MM/yyyy, check python wwwodoocom opnerp doc for more about "d.

    At next update of openerp you could lose your work. Vat, the only available function is today. Functionkey 1 opnerp directly modify the original module. Else apos, we will see this later, e Function return lectedorderline. Functionline ifline ifline, for the moment, disabled. Original module, the menu appears in the Menu tab of the posmanager group from ConfigurationGroups menu as shown in the image below. Shop, contactaddress, these attributes depend order on the type of the node each node type supports or needs different attributes. Value ifarguments, ntactaddress, you do not forget to remove your console.

    What about the discount on the total figure?Sometimes we give a lump sum discount on the sales order, without that, we need to adjust discount on each line.I have created two custom fields in my sale order but these fields are not showing in the invoice form.

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    It is used for the action of the close button is at the top of the Point Of our_famous_ VII-B-1.You find it in the file point_of_ around line 479.