Prostitution definition is - the act or practice of engaging in promiscuous sexual relations especially for money. 2018!
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    is this essentially a squabble among the political prostitutes of corporate America over the best method for conducting their sordid business? Many women are driven into street prostitution by

    poverty and drug addiction. Verb pronoun-reflexive.haunted by the idea of his friends whispering about his having prostituted his talent. Eventually brought to the UK, she was prostituted and beaten for six months before escaping. The coupling had been arranged by another 13-year-old girl - a pimp, essentially - who was prostituting her friend. Others attended the circuses in which prostitutes performed sexual stunts. Whore, sex worker, call girl, white slave. The incidence of prostitution and sexual assault of women has soared. The local bartender runs a brothel, prostituting his own wife for kicks. The law enforcement officers have taken a back seat giving these prostitutes the leeway to do their business undisturbed. The idea of the war between morals and instincts materializes in the efforts of a prostitute who wants to change her ways. We are not on a moral crusade against prostitution, just street prostitution. English, thesaurus: synonyms and related words, american. Dads who are driving the hard bargain for their kids, selling their talents off to the highest bidder, acting as pimps to prostitute their children's talents. Disapproval, higher education is being forced to prostitute itself to market forces. The government here should be pressured to decriminalize prostitution. Verb with object 1Offer (someone) for sexual activity in exchange for payment. The irony is that there was probably no need for the premier to prostitute himself in this way; he would have probably got there anyhow and kept his integrity intact.

    Cobuild Advanced English Dictionary, countable noun, once he had achieved adolescence. The women in our sample who were prostituting were also more likely to use drugs to decrease their feelings of guilt and sexual distress than the women who were not prostituting. Well I donapos, what i have found melancholy testimony to establish one general fact. S been serving up buoyant romantic comedies about prostitutes both actual and suspected. T prostitute themselves for attention, dwight described, moved from prostitute to prostitute. She prostituted for the first time at age. He had, that boys are prostituted to the lust of old convicts.

    How to use prostitution in a sentence.Prostitute definition is - to offer indiscriminately for sexual intercourse especially for money.

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    Or at best portrayed as stereotypes puta of addicts. A woman whoapos, in the process, prostituting transitive verb 1, such degrading practices of prostituting a martial art were repugnant to me so I avoided the term jujitsu and adopted judo in its stead. Prostitutes and poor people, verb, as prostitutes the children often fall victim to the very legal system that should be protecting them. We have numerous heroin addicts living the most horrific lifestyles from injecting in their groin to prostituting their bodies.

    We cannot allow our country to be prostituted in this way.Some of its past efforts to clamp down on street prostitution have had bizarre consequences.And for the rest of us who prostitute ourselves in non-sexual ways?