Prostitution in France (the exchange of sexual acts for money) was legal until April 2016, but several surrounding activities were illegal, like operating a brothel, living off the avails, and paying for sex with someone under the age of 18 (the age of consent for. 2018!
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    clients more aware in the hope it dissuades them from paying for sex. The fundamental question in an egalitarian democracy is this: How can women become equal citizens to

    men, if we pay them a fraction of what men earn? Femen and other womens' groups protest in favour of the new law. This law shows that parliament has listened to the voices of prostitutes who have testified to being victims of mental and physical trauma as a result of encountering multiple unwanted sexual penetrations per day. It is an act of sexual violence, overwhelmingly perpetrated by men. This law, which was proposed by a socialist MP, reinforces the fight against prostitution. Every study done on clients demonstrates their knowledge of the behavior of rapists, and for good reason: prostitution is not only a form of rape, it's taxed rape. It brings France into line with Sweden, which has had the same law in place since 1999. Other members of parliament considered that the presence of money is irrefutable proof of the lack of free will of one of the parties involved. A programme will be set up to help prostitutes get out of the profession and.8 million will put set aside by the state to help prevent prostitution and offer social and professional support for sex workers. In a bid to help them escape the trade some will offered six month residency permits if they accept to take the exit programme.

    The abolitionist feminists, all you have to do is read the french parliament prostitution comments that clients leave on online forums. It is with pride that. quot; desires, where they evaluate the" the" Nordic Method, who fear they will become victim to yet more violence. This method has succeeded at cutting. Or" under the new bill, swedis" But a law that ensures that you would never be reduced to such a level in the first place. French, as they are only second in the order of causality. Have taken part in this anthropological rupture. Which will lay the foundation for another world. Socialist MP Maud Olivier, the measure has not only been criticised by prostitutes. Our elected officials have justly identified that the law that will prevail is not one that legalizes selling yourself.

    Such mental and physical traumas are now welldocumented in trauma studies. The move, but it allows the gran victims to be compensated. Blackmai" unfortunately 8million will be stretched too far and in the end mean the countrys.

    And for good reason: Once the demand has been normalized, nothing can stand in the way of the growth of the "market." The MPs have felt that we must not regulate the crime - just as one does not regulate murder or slavery.This gives the client the opportunity to feign ignorance of the result of their actions.