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    Explorer app. So, now you must be on the twrp home screen. It is not always needed but in case you need this, here you have to execute. Otherwise

    go to next step. Plus you didnt lose any important data either. If you have another device, try googling on how to enter recovery mode. You can do this by opening the ROM zip files with. After that wipe the touch button at the bottom of the screen from left to right to wipe the selected partitions. Tap the button and swipe where it says Swipe to wipe. You can do it by turning off the phone and then booting up by holding Power Volume Down keys. If youre already rocking a phone with stock or close to stock Android, there are some mind-boggling things you can do with Xposed. Otherwise, your files are bad so re-downloaded them! But hey, if youre already rooted, you know how to get to recovery. You are the only person doing changes to your phone and I cannot be held responsible for the mistakes done by you. Wont explain much in detail but there are boot partition, System Partition, Data Partition, Cache partition and prior to Android Lollipop there was Dalvik Cache. First download the ROM zip files you need. The only difference between the usual method and this one is that we will also be formatting /system partition, which if not formatted sometimes causes bootloops when installing new custom ROM. You just need to learn the process once and the next time grace you will do that I can bet that you will have already mastered on it or probably you will teach me the next time. Now that youre here, tap, backup, dont catalanas change any option from the top and just swipe where it says. This might differ from device to device. How many partitions are there to Clean/Wipe: Basically Android has a partition layout of the whole system. If you have a rooted Android device, use. The New ROM Smell As its a fresh install, the first boot might take a couple of minutes. So, I have highlighted the change filesystem button in blue. Flash New ROM and Google Apps Now its time to actually flash the new ROM that youve downloaded and transferred to your Android phone, along with the Google apps (yes, you need to flash them separately ). Factory Reset option that were going to choose. Neither the developer nor we will be held responsible for any disaster that happens to your device. Here you can choose internal storage, micro SDcard, or USB storage (if using OTG USB Flash). Answering the question Well, there could be many situations where you really need to wipe data out because you just want to reset your phone to the factory mode, thats. Select the Dalvik Cache, Data, Internal Storage, Cache, System partition to clean. If you can see the contents of the zip file fine, you are good.

    And also will work on all types of custom ROMs including CyanogenMod CM11. If you do plan on installing a custom ROM or switching from a current ROM to a different one. Its time to boot into recovery. Usually theres one or two zip files. Tap Reboot and then select System. The process for doing both of those things is pretty puta tetona manresa much the same.

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    Wipe Current ROM Factory Reset, here you need to be careful and should have a backup of your precious data because it will clean all your phone data. OTG cable and USB flash drive pelotas so it wont take up space on your phonetablet. Its going to unlock so many super powers.

    Why do you need to Clean/Wipe Partitions on your Android phone: You will be interested in this question if you are a beginner else I am sure you wont waste your time knowing why do someone want to clean data and you are free.After that, the setup process will be just like getting a new phone. .Select Dalvik Cache, System, Data and Cache then swipe to wipe.