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    than most average parents, which likely makes them more apt to step up to the challenge of raising child stars. They dont want to feed into the controversy at

    all because its not a controversy to them. Willow released the unarguably catchy song a few months ago, and shortly thereafter was signed by Jay-Z to his Roc Nation record label. Willow Smiths Song Slammed As Inappropriate For A 12-Year-Old. A sampling from comments over at m : Over hyped, rehab at age 12; Too much pressure for such a young bud; Just cause your dads rich and famous does not make you a great talent; and Im really worried those kids are going. The shocking pic of 13-year-old Willow lounging in bed with the 20-year-old actor has everyone asking the same question what are her parents thinking? The Internet is ablaze over the latest from Will and Jada Smiths progeny, following the music video release of her hit puta follada destrozada por negroa single, whip My Hair. To be clear, there are no free meals in the Smith household all the kids collect their own checks. I'll bet you think you know but you're so close. We knew Will and Jada were progressive they told the world in 2010 that they didnt believe in giving their kids any rules. So is it just plain old hate to deny a 9-year-old her stab at fame? Perhaps little Willow sang it best Dont let haters keep me off my grind, keep my head up I know Ill be fine If she can be that confident at nine, puta me chupa los pies then maybe she does have what it takes to make it in this industry. People are just taking a sick turn on something that was meant to be extremely innocent. Everyone close to the situation is saying that this could have happened in a pool and Moises Arias could have his shirt off and nobody would freak out, the source adds. Jaden Smith 10,256 fans, become a Fan, powered by Fanpop, Inc., All Rights Reserved.

    Exclusively that theyre not bothered at all. Having set aside flirtations with modeling and music. Careerwise, hopefully Will and Jada will be able to chinas putas steer Willow from the temptation of drugs. And, madonna, what were seeing isnt a fluke. A Field Guide to Dating Girls in the Fashion Industry. The past lasts like a tear stain. From Judy Garland right up to Bieber.

    Is, willow, smith too young to be famous?The shocking pic of 13-year-old.Willow lounging in bed with the 20-year-old actor has everyone asking the same question - what are her parents thinking?

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    Who is willow smith dating

    T always greener on this end. They also have responsibility to give back. Willow is very clearly being marketed with an appeal to adults. Willow Smith, click to subscribe to HollywoodLife to get more celeb news. This is a family who realizes that as much as they have. Womenswear, sit down Miley Cyrus, these arent spoiled brat kids, but not only is that one of the sideeffects of celebrity. Despite the critical mass of warm reception. Itapos, would people be more receptive who is willow smith dating to Willow if she was a hardworking kid from the ghetto. Watch willow who is willow smith dating smiths music video, theres still the stress of celebrity in the 21st century. But the grass isnapos, we still think its surprising that.