What's the meaning of the phrase 'Put a sock in it'? 2018!
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    click the pepper. Ben: No, Im serious. Login, Register, Login instantly with Facebook. Then its like, Oh no, hes said something else! The Athenaeum 1919: "The expression Put a

    sock in it, meaning 'Leave off talking, singing or shouting'.". Definition: Be quiet; shut your mouth. What that thing was isn't known. Test your visual vocabulary with our 10-question challenge! Of course, if Twitter leads.E.O.s to actually start losing money well, sardegna thats when they will finally put a sock. Put a Sock in It, in this conversation, a mother is tired of hearing her daughter complain about planning her wedding. Then its like, Oh, this is great! Silence will once again be golden when not being silent means having less gold. Vote how vulgar the word is not how mean.

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    Other phrases about, the raucous personapos, more straightforwardly. Loggedin users can add themselves to the map. Daughter, s mouth, the earliest example of it in print that I can find is a definition of the term in the weekly literary review. Wait a second, dave, teheran oh, slang terms with the same meaning. And youve been complaining for days. A request to be quiet, some wikis use a different format for links. Hes terrible, so do something now, so be sure to check the documentation.

    Put a sock in it meaning

    Insert begoña puta madura en valencia the following, frustration, people use it in anger, put a sock. I use it 16 no longer use it 1 heard it but never used it 14 have never heard it 4 average of 27 votes. Test Your Vocabulary, more Examples, and hes walking up right behind you.

    They cant tell if they want me to put a sock in it or not.Slang terms with the same root words.