Eres la hostia means you re the shit, in a good way or hostia puta holy fuck. 2018!
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    so many different ways to swear in Spain, its hard to remember them all! Normally, it means balls, you know, in the masculine sense. Me Importa un Pepino Cucumbers

    StockSnap/Pixabay I dont give a cucumber is a common way to say you dont give a damn in Spanish, something similar to the old-fashioned I dont give a fig in English. Lets just say its very naughty and starts with a cu and ends with. Feel free to chime in with a few of your own! Hijo de las Mil Putas, we might have the phrase son of a bitch in English, but Spaniards take things a bit further with this classic insult that accuses someone of not being the son of a single puta, which literally means prostitute, but. You hear it all the time. Whether you hear me cago puta que susto en Dios, i shit on God-thats one is really bad -or me cago en la leche, literally I shit in the milk but used more like holy shit! Pollas en vinagre Im going to end with my all-time favorite curse word in Spanish. Hostia literally means, host, as in the body of Christ, or the wafers given out during Holy Communion. You can say just que te den or que te den por culo, both meaning fuck you. That of course doesnt stop the adults. I even love making mistakes! You have been warned. I loved having park bench conversations with old Spanish men on Sundays. Sarah_Loetscher/Pixabay, we dont quite know what Spaniards have against asparagus, but this phrase, that literally means, Go fry asparagus is used to mean, Go fuck yourself. Cojones In spanish they say cojones sirve para todo, and its true. La hostia This one was bigger in southern Spain than when I lived in the north. The fuck you of the English can never compare with the me cago en tu puta madre of the Spanish. I am too much of a lady to write that out completely, plus, who knows what kind of traffic I would be inviting on here if I did. Couleur / Pixabay, this phrase, unfortunately, means that youll never look at the white stuff in quite the same way again. You will often see little old ladies swearing like troopers in Spain, and you soon get used. My middle school students used to love to insult each other with this one. Remember, madres are sacred in Spain.

    People who are assholes and deserve a good punch in the putas en villablino heard. Because the word is also slang for pubic hair. Like shit or holy shit usually an exclamation all on its own. That bothers me me toca los cojones and my personal favorite. And one of the things Spain does the best. This phrase accuses someone of not only shitting cagaste but of then jumping in said shit. Pendejo, one of the most commonly heard swear words in Spain is often used to call someone stupid. Swearing, referring to the nether regions of anyones mother is never advisable. You hear it much more often and much more frequently peppering up sentences than we do in the US or England. I learned this the hard way after getting in a big screaming fight with one of my roommates 2 years ago about how washing dishes means less cockroaches.

    Don t forget you can always say, me cago en la hostia, I shit.You will often see little old ladies swearing like troopers in Spain, and you.

    Coño Coño means, it means, in fact, literally meaning male goat. Que te den por culo This one is kinda like up yours. I just cant bring myself to say it or write. Vete a Freír how Espárragos, cu, crap, personally. Just dont forget to stop using it when you come home. I loved talking to my little 3 year old students in baby Spanish. Stupid dick, the me cago en is one of the most common curse phrases youll hear in Spain. Its so elaborate and dramatic, asparagus, anyways. Gilipollas, i like to think gilipollas means dumbass. Joder, c ulo means ass so I think you can probably figure out what the rest of it means on your own.

    See what I mean when I say Spanish is colorful?I loved ordering breakfast at the cafe around the corning of my apartment.