I put half a gallon (yes it is that long ago) of petrol into a quarter-full tank of diesel. 2018!
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    case (mistakenly put a small amount of diesel in a gasoline vehicle) I've simply fill the gas tank with gasoline and had no other problems; I was a gasoline

    retailer for many years so I'm talking many dozens of mistaken 'self-serves'. It is rumored that Windex will cause the engine to explode, but that cannot occur (Windex is mostly water). Water and fuel dont mix that well. That is, if those drivers who do text can be persuaded to opt into the system. This is the theoretical part. Next morning I called my trusted mechanic. I had an unmarked, unlabeled gas can with about 1/2 gallon of antifreeze in it (first act of stupidity). The catalytic converter may also get fouled. This will create a very unsafe situation, not to mention ruining your yard. The cat could be contaminated which would fail emission tests. What he has come up with is a series of equations that increases the accuracy of a phone companys GPS tracking feature, such that it can pinpoint the driver in the car, and prevent him or her from texting. Suggest that if you suspect water in your gas, drain as much of it out encuentros sexuales moreno as you can. Mild loss of compression due to lowed octane and a smokey exaust, should not damage engine as long as it mixes. Other than the gasoline on the paint of your car and the ground, no harm done to your vehicle. Iwould like to know just how that happened. I informed the manager of the store that the car was disabled and would be parked there overnight, and called my wife to pick. Why did you ask was it on zoey 101 i watched that an hour t if you put salt in it it could blow-up maybe. The car's engine controller will attempt to correct the air/fuel mix, and lead to more trouble, even after you fix the gas. Not surprisingly, there has been a rise in the number of crashes caused by those who are distracted while thumbing the keypads of their mobiles. Some people do it maliciously to foul up the works in your engine, and cause you problems.

    Ve never tried, if you are carli carter escort a real stickler. T be anything good, it will cause trouble with the fuel filters in the car. Replace fuel filters as they become clogged or have the fuel tank removed form the car and flushed out by a mechanic. T do permanent damage to the vehicle unless it were left to sit for some time when it could rust or coat parts that would then be very. You will need to drain the tank. As it turns out, their car either wont start or will shut off the the diesel gets to the engine.

    I am a Mechanic/ Equipment Manager Drag Racer/Classic.What happens if you put 5 gals of diesel into a gas tank with only a quarter of a tank?

    Any harmful sugar of other substances will be trapped in the putting hash in a cigarette filter. Ll probably get you some babes. However, avoid filling your tank from a station near large bodies of water. I do not know, replace the hoses, it messes wit the engine. Sugar in the gas prostituta amateur tank will not cause the engine to fail because sugar does not dissolve in gas. You may need to clean out the gas tank. NNo it will not wreck the car nor the engine.

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    There are some apps already on the market that block texts when the owner is driving. .I added that, but the car wouldn't start at all.