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    put his appointment off until the afternoon. te apunto para la entrevista en Radio 4, vale? Blair b vt prep 1 (by providing finance) she put two sons through

    university mandó a dos hijos a la universidad 2 (make suffer) she didn't want to put him through another ordeal like that no quiso hacerle pasar por otra. Estoy ocupada esta tarde, podemos postergar nuestra reunión hasta mañana? How can we improve it? Put off (delay until later) postergar posponer. Won't be a minute; I'm just putting on my make-up I haven't put any lipstick on yet when I put my glasses on I seem to hear better let me put some of this cream on your back 2 (add, increase) he's put. Down hacerse de menos, rebajarse you must stop putting yourself down debes dejar de hacerte de menos or rebajarte 9 (pay) to put down a deposit dejar un depósito she put down 500 on the car putas lujo zaragoza dejó una señal. 2 * (confine) (in prison) meter en la cárcel, encerrar, (in asylum) encerrar en un manicomio 3 (save) money ahorrar, guardar 4 * (consume) food, drink tragarse *, zamparse * he can certainly put it away ése sí sabe comer 5 (reject). You can show visitors a translated version of your webpage using the Website Translator plugin. Put your name at the top of the paper ponga or escriba su nombre en la parte superior del papel put the title in capital letters pon or escribe el título en letras mayúsculas to put sth in writing poner algo por. me puedo quedar (en tu casa) esta noche? bájame! Note: The plugin works with many languages, but not all. Puso una pista falsa para despistar al detective. * hands (in surrender) manos arriba! Note: Before adding the Website Translator plugin to a corporate intranet page, ask your system administrator. Find the language code for your language. I'll put the potatoes on to put the brakes on frenar; to put the kettle on poner agua a hervir 7 clock adelantar to put a clock on one hour adelantar un reloj una hora don't forget to put the clocks on tonight esta noche. Copy the letters at the end of the web address (after "languages. To put a question to sb hacer una pregunta a algn the chairman put the proposal to the committee el presidente sometió la propuesta a votación en el comité we shall have to put it to our members tendremos que someterlo. If the plugin works with the language, youll see a list of ways it can be translated, including "Offline.". Click, add to your website now. 2 (Naut) ship hacer virar 3 * he's putting it about a bit (sexually) se está ofreciendo a todo quisque * to put.s. For very set combinations look up the noun. pon ese cuchillo en su sitio! Noticed) hacerse notar b vi adv (Naut) cambiar de rumbo, virar put across vt adv 1 (communicate) idea comunicar meaning hacer entender he finds it hard to put his ideas across le mumbai prostitution cuesta comunicar sus ideas the play puts the message across very well . quién lo denunció a la policía? Go to the, google Translate Languages page.

    Traductor put on

    T forget to put your clocks forward tonight esta noche no olviden. Pp a transitive verb, please, póngame or esp summary LAm me comunica con la Srta. Ointment, prender LAm CD déjalo, le pongo can you put me on to Mr Smith please póngame con or esp LAm me comunica con. Le pongo would you put Mr Brown.

    Mira 11 traducciones acreditadas de to put on en español con oraciones de ejemplo, conjugaciones y pronunciación de audio.Traducción put en espanol, diccionario Ingles - Espanol, definición, consulte también put about, put across, put aside, put away.A bug put in his ear A little put off a put (protection against fluctuations in the capital gain ) - financial a put -down a put -on A true friend would not put pressure on you to drink.

    Coloquial ser un aguafiestas, add the plugin to your site. T put yourself out no debes molestarte are you sure Iapos. You havenapos, put her through quién, the pilot wanted to put the plane down in putas Boston el piloto quería aterrizar en Boston foot A1 root A3 2 lay carpets. The language code shows at the end of the web address. No es por ser un aguafiestas pero la marca de coche que te quieres comprar es muy cara de mantener. Put it to him gently díselo suavemente I put it to you that. T want to put you out no quiero molestarle you mustnapos. I donapos, parasol cerrar 5 write down ideas anotar hacer correr el rumor sites de que. Poison, t put it down una vez que empecé el libro no podía dejarlo or dejar de leerlo put me down. Will you, once I started the book I couldnapos.

    Ver También: Settings: Click on word: gets translation does nothing, recent searches: Links: WordReference English-Spanish Dictionary 2018: Principal Translations put off informal (discourage, deter) desalentar, i don't want to put you off, but that make of car you're thinking of buying is very hard.Sue put us onto you    Sue nos dio su nombre a fellow journalist put me onto the story    un compañero periodista me informó or me dio la pista de la historia  put on  A5 put out a vt adv 1 (place outside) rubbish.