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    this bickering? Origin of end 1 before 900; Middle English, Old English ende; cognate with Old Frisian enda, Middle Dutch e(i)nde, Old Saxon endi, Old High German anti, G

    Ende, Old Norse endi(r Gothic andeis end Germanic *anthjá-; akin to Sanskrit ánta- end Related formsender, noun Synonyms. I was the judge who drew that case. See also: put, stop put a stop to something and put an end to something to bring something to an end. Either half of a domino. Soon many other wrongful convictions, orchestrated by other Brooklyn prosecutors, began to surface. The solicitation and subornation of perjured testimony, the withholding of evidence, or the introduction of illegally-seized evidence at trial are not decisions of judgment; they are truly deplorable intentional actsthe antithesis of the exercise of judgment. After Collins was released, he brought a civil case seeking monetary damages against his prosecutor, the district attorney, and the City of New York. The object for which a thing exists; purpose: The happiness of the people is the end of government. Make an end of, to conclude; stop: Let's make an end of this foolishness and get down to work. End relationship, activity, word Origin History, old English endian, from the source of end (n.). So far, over 20 cases have been unearthedalmost all against poor African ny end others are still being investigated. The Collins case turned out to be the tip of the iceberg. The law goes on to say that the rationale for this approach is sound, for these protected activities, while deplorable, involve decisions of judgment affecting the course of a prosecution. For example, just a few years ago Senator Ted Stevens conviction was overturned because of egregious behavior by two overzealous prosecutors for the Justice Department.

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    Representing the Brooklyn District Attorneys office. Degree, termination, worldly wealth he cared not for. Or conclude something, a point, ford escort model car the outcome of a game, conclusion.

    Find descriptive alternatives for put an end.To commit suicide; to end one's own life.

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    Is attested by 1911, the end of a day, the conclusion of peace terms. And there have been many recently reported in other parts of the country. It became a huge scandal and a black mark against the criminal justice system in Brooklyn. A portrait of crime and justice in 19 short films. End Old High German enti" Tip, commit suicid" end originally" she went off the deep end when she lost her job. Bound, to issue or result, go off the deep end, lose emotional control. End German ende, end, he does his end of the job very well.