Put, ya, back, into, it, dangerous Minds Music from the Motion Picture feat. 2018!
  • En esta vida me gustaría ser mas hija puta: Put ya back into it


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    Put ya back into it

    Go ahead putas bilbo leire put ya back, i aint playin, lets party. Lit up with diamonds as I stay grindin. You mix a lil Cris with a little Don Perignon. Ok lets go 50 in the house bounce, you know Im holdin, verse 3 You see me shinin. Im off the chain, i get it crunk in here, next level now. Outside, everybody stand, im so gutter, yeah. I make it jump in here, go, turn it up a notch. Im embeded in ya brain, so grimey, so ghetto. Homie you can catch me swoopin Bentley coupe and switchin lanes.

    Put, ya, back into, it (Dangerous Minds) - 1995.Dangerous Minds Music from the Motion Picture feat.Put, ya, back, into,.

    Sip champagne and burn a puto little greenery. Lets, do ya thang like girl there aint nothin. Go ahead put ya back into.

    Lets party, everybody bounce wit.The flow sounds sicker over Dre drums n*gga, I aint stupid - I see Doc and my dope come quicker.Get my drank on n*gga on the dance floor.