Prostitute (plural prostitutes) A person, especially a woman, who has sexual intercourse or engages in other sexual activity for payment. 2018!
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    words14-letter words. The City Was Known for its Frivolity. In Greek mythology, the Daughter of the Sun God. Athena from the Greek, Meaning "Wisdom." in Greek mythology, the Goddess of Wisdom and Warfare. Pinar - Fountain, Spring Rabie - Goddess Rahibe - Nun Sefa - Pleasure Seher - Dawn Selvi - Cypress Serap - Mirage Sevda - Love, Passion Sevgi - Love Sevgili - Darling Sevinc - Joy, Delight Seyyal - Traveler Sezen - Feeling, Suspicion Yasemin. Omega from the Greek, Meaning "Great." Ophelia from the Greek, Meaning "To Help." Ora Meaning "Gold" Orion in Greek and Roman Mythology, a Hunter Whom Diana Loved, but Accidentally Killed, and Was Placed by Her in Heaven as a Constellation. Dido in Greek mythology, the Founder and Queen of Carthage, Who Stabbed Herself When She Was Deserted by Aeneas. Altair, Altaira: Bird Aludra: Virgin Alula: First Born Alzena, Alzan, Alzina, Alzena: Woman Alzubra: a Star in the Constellation Leo Amal, A'mal, Amala: Bird; Hopes; Aspirations Amani: Wishes; Aspirations Amara from the Arabic, Meaning "To Command." Amatullah: Female Servant of Allah Amber from the Arabic. Vanessa from the Greek, Meaning "A Butterfly." Xanthe from the Greek xanthas, Meaning "Yellow." Xanthes, a Town in Asia Minor Noted for its Golden-haired Maidens. Ishtar the Babylonian and Assyrian Goddess of Love and Fertility. The Roman Family Julii Was Noted for Having Long Hair. June from the Latin name Junius, Meaning "The Sixth Month of the Year." Justine, Justine from the Latin, Meaning "Just, Honest.". Piuta from the Greek and Hebrew, Meaning "Poetry." Psyche from the Greek, Meaning "Soul." Pyralis from the Greek pyr, Meaning "Fire." Pyrene from the Greek pyr, Meaning "Of the Fire." Rhea from the Greek, Meaning "Protector of Cities" or "A Poppy" (Flower). Aldis The Form what is the meaning of prostitute in hindi of the Old English Name Aldith, Meaning "Old in Battle." Aletta From the Latin, Meaning "The Winged One." Allegra From the Latin alacer, Meaning "Brisk, Cheerful." Alma Derived from the Latin, Meaning "Nourishing" or "Bountiful as in Alma Mater Nourishing Mother. Tiffany a Variant Form of the Latin trinitas, Meaning "Three, the Trinity." Tillus from the Latin, Meaning "Shaggy Hair, Wool." Tincera from the Latin tincere, Meaning "To Conquer." Trellis from the Latin trilix, Meaning "Triple-twilled; Interwoven; a Bower." Tristine from the Latin tristis, Meaning "Sad.". Martha from the Aramaic, Meaning Either "Sorrowful" or "A Lady." in the Bible, a Sister of Lazarus and Mary. Yasmina, Jasmina, Yessamin, Jessamin Jemima from the Arabic, Meaning "A Dove." in the Bible, One of the Three Daughters of Job. Elana from the Hebrew, Meaning "A Tree." Ilana Is a Variant Spelling. Iphigenia in Greek mythology, a Beautiful Young Girl Snatched from the Altar, Where She Was to Be Sacrificed by Artemis and Carried to Heaven. Athene See Athena Aura, Aural from the Greek, Meaning "Air, Breeze." Azalea, Azalee, Azalia from the Greek, Meaning "Dry." The Name of a Flower, So Called Because it Thrives in Dry, Sun-baked Soil. Plural ofSingular ofPast tense ofPresent tense ofVerb forAdjective forAdverb forNoun for. Word Frequency hustler in American (hslr ; huslr) noun a person who hustles ; specif.,. . Candace from the Latin, Meaning "Pure, Unsullied." Other Forms: Candice Caprice from the Latin, Meaning "A Head with Bristling Hair; a Hedgehog." Carina from the Latin, Meaning "A Keel." One of the Five Stars in the Constellation Orion, Each of Which Bears the Name. Panfila, Panphila from the Greek, Meaning "Loved by All." Paris, Parris in Greek legend, a Son of Priam, King of Troy. After Christianity Her Status Was Reduced to the Mother of Fairies and Nymphs Gadara, Gadarine: from the Top of a Mountain Gayane: Meaning Unknown Lucine: Moon Margarid: Aform of Margaret (Pearl) Miriam: Biblical Name (Rebellious) Nairi: from Armenia Serpuhi, Sirpuhi: Holy Shakeh: Meaning Unknown Shoushan. Carmel, Carmela, Carmelit from the Hherom, Meaning "A Vineyard." Other Forms: Carxnania. Rosalia Was a Twelfth-century Sicilian Patron Saint of Salerno. Temperance from the Latin temperate, Meaning "To Mix in Correct Proportions." Templa from the Latin templum, Meaning "A Temple, a Sanctuary." Terranda from the Latin terra, Meaning "Earth plus Andr, Meaning "Man Hence "Man's Earth." Tertia from the Latin tertius, Meaning "The Third." Tiberia from. Arda, Ardah from the Hebrew, Meaning "Bronze, Bronzed." Also, a Variant Form of the Hmonth Adar. Ahava, Ahuva From the Hebrew, Meaning "Love." Ahava (Ah-hah-vah) from the Hebrew.

    A what is the meaning of prostitute in hindi Harp, meaning" flame, a Flat Area, pertaining to" Meaning" the Pure One, try a free audio sample of his brand new Mandarin Chinese course. Shining, africa Gift," to Be Born Again, meaning" to Liberate, wife Kanya, in Early Folklore, renata from the Latin renatus. quot;" rene, friendliness Zahirazaahirah Zahheerah Muslim Blooming Flower. In the Bible, also the Name of a Bird The Swallow.

    Prostitute definition: A prostitute is a person, usually a woman, who has sex with men in exchange for money.Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

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    Habibah: Beloved; Sweetheart; Darling Hadeel: Meaning Unknown Hadiya: Guide to Righteousness Hadiyyah: a Gift Hafsah: Wife of the Prophet Hafthah: Preserved; Protected Haifa, Hayfa Slender; of Beautiful Body Halah: Nimble; Aureole Halimah, Haleema: Gentle; Patient; Mild-tempered Hamidah, Hameeda: Praiseworthy Hana Happiness Hanan: Mercy Hanifah, Hanifa. In Greek mythology, One of Fifty Sea Nymphs, Daughters of Neurus, a Kindly Sea God.Anna The Gform of the Hebrew Name Hannah, Meaning "Gracious." Anthea from the Greek, Meaning "Flowery." Aphrodite Goddess of Beauty and Love Aphrodite from the Gaphros, Meaning "Foam." in Greek mythology, the Goddess of Love and Beauty Who Is Supposed to Have Sprung from the.