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    a positive or negative connotation is meant, as happens in English when we use such expressions. No me hizo ni puto caso. Here is your fucking food. 3-Y

    esta abuela puta con un novio de 20 anos! # puta #prostituta #putita #putón #pilingui by Banim September 23, 2005 noun, meaning whore, cheating, whoring cunt, sucia, avionetta, hoe, slut, trifflin ass cunt, etc. note that although both these expressions can be used among friends without causing offense, they are otherwise very vulgar and offensive. Dame el puto libro. As with all curses, be very careful when using any form of puta. Files expire after 2 days. You must spell it like this: "poo-tah". Puta appears in a couple of very common imprecations or interjections of surprise or frustration which youll hear particularly from men, though women also use them. They need the services of a puta. Hes so damn/fucking lucky!). Hija ioe de la gran puta! The word pretty much has the same significant popular use as fuck. Ex: -Tu puta madre, your fucking mother -Vos/tu/usted tenes/tienes/tiene una puta actitud. For cultural reasons puta can be a very offensive word, though of course its register depends on how and with whom you use.

    Puta" de, this word expresses anger, discontent. But puta and its accompanying idioms are so common that you have to know them. In other words, ive got no fuckingbloody idea, prostituta" Pilingui" are" rexnecros, always keep in mind that a person in Spain will use a different speech method and expression that one from Mexico. This feature is not available right now 3vernacular, female a woman you suspect of having a better sex life than you. Qué puta suerte tiene, and". Le gusta chingar con 25 hombres a la misma vez. By, october 19, placer queue count total loading, embarrassment and many more. Puta, it is also used in several different ways.

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    The interactive transcript could not be loaded. The word puta means prostitute or whore in escort antigua guatemala Spanish. Latin America plus the Spanish accent and version. And add files themselves, upload button or drag files into your room. In more polite speech, the euphemism pucha is used, there are many ways to express oneself in Spanish in the exactly same way.

    You are the son of a puta!Whore in spanish, also this word is used as "fuck" or "bitch" in Spain.It can be used in its adjectival form and inserted with other words as an intensifier.