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    testing Laravel Dusk Codeception DB Eloquent. I test it with Postman Rest Client. Use config and language files, constants instead of text in the code. Prefer collections over arrays Eloquent allows you to write readable and maintainable code. Do not put JS and CSS in Blade templates and do not put any html in PHP classes. Also, reuse Blade templates, use Eloquent scopes etc. SRP is helping you to avoid duplication. Comment your code, but prefer descriptive method and variable names over comments. Use IoC container or facades instead. 'temp Back to contents Don't repeat yourself (DRY) Reuse code when you can. Use accessors and mutators to modify date format. Fat models, skinny controllers, put all DB related logic into Eloquent models or into Repository classes if you're using Query Builder or raw SQL queries. The problem looks like lies in Symfony it can't parse the data if it's multipart/form-data, as an alternative try using x-www-form-urlencoded content disposition. This- last_name; Back to contents. Bad: public function store(Request request) request- validate( 'title' 'requiredunique:postsmax:255 'body' 'required 'publish_at' 'nullabledate. To start of with we take a look at how we get the raw post data in PHP. @foreach (users as user) user- profile- name @endforeach Back to contents Comment your code, but prefer descriptive method and variable names over comments Bad: if (count(array) 0) Better: / Determine if there are any joins. Class ArticleService public function handleUploadedImage(image) if (!is_null(image). Validation, business logic should be in service class. Bad: public function store(Request request) if (request- hasFile image. Http request handler is one of those components. PD: I'm not using resourceful controllers (because I thought it could be the problem I declared it with Route:put. Good: public function store(Request request). Single responsibility principle, fat models, skinny controllers. Bad: apiKey env API_KEY Good: / config/p 'key' env API_KEY / Use the data apiKey config y Back to contents Store dates in the standard format. I will repeat that, it can only be read once. Good: public function store(PostRequest request). Do not get data from the.env file directly. Other good practices, single responsibility principle, a class and a method should have only one responsibility. This- last_name; Good: public function getFullNameAttribute return this- isVerifiedClient? Here you'll find the best practices which are usually ignored in real life Laravel projects.

    This getFullNameLong, this is my controller, i am developing a rest api. I recently stumbled upon an interesting problem when trying to retrieve the raw post body in Laravel. Its a fairly simple command, but I have had a headache video de kelly minogue follando como una puta with PUT and patch escort de lujo unicas requests.

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    Laravel get put data

    Minimize usage of vanilla PHP in Blade templates. The request instance is accessible through the Request facade in Laravel. The request instance then laravel have the raw post data set as its content. Chances to get help from the Laravel community are significantly lower when youapos. Now Carbon, re using a 3rd party package or tool. Today now today App, instance Now we can get the content from it content request getContent Now we have the raw post data in content.