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    a lot of fun combinations and unexpected debates. He tends to get angry very easily arrogant, he tends to think he is better and more important than other

    people optimistic, he tends to expect good things to happen funny, she has/has got a great sense of humour as hard as nails shows. Here is an example round of the game: There are five players, four players who are competing and one judge. Then, players take turns explaining why their profession card is the best match to the judges personality card. The game is very simple to follow and generates interesting conversations and unusual arguments. List of Personal Adjectives, read through the following chart años to find the right personality adjective or adjective phrase to describe a specific person: Find the Right Words, if you are still looking for information about personal adjectives, or if youve looked at the above list. When constructing these personal biographies, have someone you trust look at the adjectives you have chosen, and see if each adjective reflects your personality in an honest, positive light. Surely we know that our words have subtle differences that change their distinct meanings: think of describing someone as chatty and talkative. Download the handout by clicking here. He's good at supporting his friends wise, he's good at giving people advice because of his knowledge and experience calm, he's good at keeping his head in a crisis possessive, she's not very good at letting other people share her friends reserved, she's not very. The Judges card is wise. Think About the Impact of Your Words. Players dont win by having the right card, they win because they give the best or most interesting explanation. It can be especially difficult to come up with just the right descriptive words to talk about yourself. If the word effectively does this, then it is a personal adjective. They reveal the card to the other players, who then each choose a profession card in their hand which best matches the personality adjective. You can also download and keep our handy list of personal adjectives. There are two sets of cards: professions and personality adjectives. By reading daily and learning more adjectives that are appropriate for describing people and their personalities, you can build your vocabulary and be able to speak and write using more powerful language in no time. She's the kind(sort) of person who is emotionally in control, not moody stubborn, she's the kind(sort) of person who never changes her opinion even when she's clearly wrong assertive, she's the kind(sort) of person who expresses her ideas or opinions with confidence cheerful, she's the. Each player is dealt six cards from the professions deck. The great variety of jobs and personalities in the game means that the game will be different every time. A starting player is chosen, who will be judge for the round, and that player takes a card from the personality deck. Check out the front page, or use the search bar, to find dozens of games and activities on the site.

    Adjectives personality dating cards

    Is this a word I can use to describe a person. The winner is given the personality card to show they won the round. Another reason a lot of people might want a good list of personal adjectives is that they are writing a personal bio for an online profile or for a dating site. Lawyer latinas and diplomat, then the role of judge moves clockwise and the next judge picks up violencia a personality card.

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    This is a game for upperintermediate and advanced students. The cards are available for download. The card sets lana del rey put me in a movie download include some tongue in cheek professions like drug dealer. After everyone has had time to explain their reasoning including a degree of debate the judge picks a winner. You might be preparing a speech in which you are talking about someone and his or her accomplishments maybe about yourself or someone you care about. The main focus is a better understanding of the subtleties of personality adjectives through group discussion. Queen and magician, professions and personality adjectives, sheapos. Adjectives 01 bad good big small fast slow heavy light long short old new old young short tall adjectives 02 cheap expensive clean dirty dry.

    There are 60 profession cards and 40 personality cards.Each player gives their reasons for their selection and the judge asks a few follow up questions.