Phrasal verbs often have multiple meanings so you must pay. 2018!
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    Writer Find this post useful? (Also: take down) Lets put some ideas down on paper before we start the meeting. Can I put it on? My son has

    taken the computer apart and now I dont know how to put it back together! Ive put this CD together for you. PUT forward a) Suggest an idea, opinion or candidate At the open day, Hannah put forward her opinions on veganism. Is there any way we can put him off coming/put him out coming/put him out coming? Apple puts out a new iPhone once a year. Theyre putting up a primary school on the site of the old cinema. When I refused to help her. (be put out be annoyed). The police have put out an official statement following the bank robbery. Put out is one example of this, but there are many others used in everyday English. Whats going on with all the roadwork? If you give me some money for Xmas, then I can put it _ a new laptop. Tell the kids to put their toys away before bedtime! (Start cooking with a cooker/oven) g) Place a bet Geoff put 10 on Arsenal to win the cup final. She is much put her sons health.

    Local voters put the Democrats in because they were angry dating with the ruling party. Contribute money When the business started. Hang on a minute and Ill put her. It has all my favourite 80s tracks. Our local pub is putting on a gig for rubia charity next month. Im happy to donate to your charity. Lets put the tent up now because itll be dark soon.

    Complete the following sentences.Each sentence contains.

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    C Compile, they should put her away, what would you put this downput this down toput this down for. You should consider putting some money away for your grandchildren each month. You can do this job standing on your head. We say take off, schedule for a later date Tell John that the meeting phrasal verbs with put pdf has been put back until next week. There are often several ways of saying the same thing. A by b in c down, ive put a bit on since I quit the gym.

    Phrasal verbs often have multiple meanings so you must pay attention to the context in order to understand them correctly.F) Turn on, cause device to start working, play Do you mind if I put the TV on?